Alpaca Manager – Latest Version

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Download and install Alpaca Manager to learn how it works.
Unregistered users can enter details for up to five animals.
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Download Paca-ManV8.3.0.exe (Size=11.4 MB)

You will be prompted to Open/Run or Save the file.

  • Select the Save option.
  • On completion, double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions to install Alpaca Manager.

If you don't have Microsoft Access already installed (or if you have an older version), download the free Access 2007 Runtime from Microsoft.

The next time you start Alpaca Manager, the new version will be used. If there have been any structural database changes included with the update, your existing data file will be updated automatically.

Version Changes

Version 8.3.0

  • Add the Show Impact? option to the Mating Events tab of the Find Animal Criteria form.
    This allows finding Mating Records based on the either the specified Mating Event Types or the Mating Event Impact on the Mating.
  • Add a prompt to warn when a cria is not visible in the Cria Ear Tag drop-down list on the Mating Details form because it no longer satisfies the query conditions for the list.
    In this case, populate the Cria Full Name field with the cria's full name and allow the user to click-through to its details.
  • Add the Cria Name, Birth Date and Days Gestation to the Analyse Matings query output.
  • Add the Mating Summary report.
    This report is available on the Find Matings Summary form.
  • When Testing an eMail Campaign using the A Group of Contacts option on the eCampaign Details form, if a Group with the same name as the eCampaign exists, automatically select it.
  • Add the Sequence field to an eCampaign attachment.
    This will be used to set the order of the attachments attached to the email the recipient receives.
  • Bug Fixes:
    – Correct a problem when using the Insert Unsubscribe Link on some Windows versions.