Alpaca Manager – Latest Version

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Download and install Alpaca Manager to learn how it works.
Unregistered users can enter details for up to five animals.
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Download Paca-ManV8.2.2.exe (Size=11.1 MB)

You will be prompted to Open/Run or Save the file.

  • Select the Save option.
  • On completion, double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions to install Alpaca Manager.

If you don't have Microsoft Access already installed (or if you have an older version), download the free Access 2007 Runtime from Microsoft.

The next time you start Alpaca Manager, the new version will be used. If there have been any structural database changes included with the update, your existing data file will be updated automatically.

Version Changes

Version 8.2.2

  • In the IAR – AANZ Version, increase the maximum size of the Herd Code to 5 characters.
  • Add a new option to the System tab of the Application/Options form to indicate whether the user wants to show the Plus GST/VAT/Tax? indicator alongside any Sale or Purchase prices.
  • Show the last recorded Body Score observation on the WorkSheet Details report when a Body Score item is included.
  • Show the last recorded Body Score observation on the Calendar Events Due report.

Version 8.2.1

  • Add the Getting Started form to assist new users starting the application for the first time decide where to store their Back-End data file.
  • When Previewing or Testing an eCampaign, add specific messages to prompt the user to enter the Test eMail Address and the Contact (or Group of Contacts) to be used for the Test.
  • Bug Fixes:
    – Correct a problem when testing an eCampaign to a Group of Contacts.
    – The recipient email address was being incorrectly added to the To field multiple times (once for each message sent).
    – Correct a problem with the Mating Details report showing no Common Ancestors when adding a new Mating record which would produce a cria with WCI > 0.
    – Correct a problem with the eCampaign button reporting an error when used on the Group Details form.

Version 8.2.0

  • Add the Info button to the Restore form to display Information about the selected Backup Zip file.
  • Show the Campaign ID field on the eCampaign Summary form.
  • Set the MailMessage.MessageID property to the eCampaign name in all eMail messages sent relating to a specific eCampaign.
  • Add the Copy and Paste buttons to the CSS, HTML and Plain Text Editors.
  • Add the option to mark an eCampaign attachment as optional in which case no error will be reported if the file does not exist.
  • Add the option to set an alias for an eCampaign attachment.
    This will be the name of the file the recipient receives.
  • Add the option to mark an eCampaign attachment as optional in which case no error will be reported if the file does not exist.
  • Add CampaignID and Campaign to the list of Placeholders which can be used in an eCampaign message.
  • On the eCampaign Details form, add the option to send a Test message using either a specific Contact or a Group of Contacts.
  • When opening the eMail Campaign Wizard from the Group Details form, if an eMail Campaign with the same name as the Group already exists, automatically select it.
  • Add the Only show unsent eCampaigns? check-box to the eMail Campaign Wizard.
    This is set by default and will limit the list of Email Campaigns to those which have never been sent.
  • Show the Start Time, Percent Complete and estimated End Time on the eMail Campaign Wizard when sending messages.
  • When replacing Placeholders with the relevant field value, if the Placeholder name is prefixed by the '%' character, use URL encoding for any special characters (space, ampersand, etc.).
  • When copying another eMail Campaign don't copy the Description or the Footer (unless the current eMail Campaign does not have one).
  • Add the Clear button to both the Body and Footer tabs of the eMail Campaign Details form and eMail Campaign Wizard to clear the Body and Footer fields.
  • Add the eCampaign Details report.
  • Bug Fixes:
    – Correct a problem with the Animal Summary Report Recipient option not being saved correctly.
    – Correct a problem where animals deleted from the Animal Summary or Find Animals Summary forms were not cleared as the Sire, Dam or Cria-At-Foot from any related animals.
    – Correct a problem with the HTML Editor incorrectly prefixing internal Links with "http:///".