Computer Support

For residents in the Wairarapa area, we offer a Computer Support service to assist with any problems you may have with your computer or mobile devices.

  • Assistance with upgrades or setting up a new computer.
  • Advice on the best anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam products.
  • Help with installation and setup of your software such as email, word-processing and spreadsheet programs.
  • Getting printers, digital cameras and other hardware working correctly.
  • Configuring internet connections for wired and wireless networks around your home.

We can also assess your computer and recommend the best backup and recovery strategy for you. What would happen if your computer was dropped, stolen in a burglary or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster?  All your files and digital photos are gone forever if you don't have an up-to-date backup. If you do have a backup, do you know how to restore the files again?

Does your current Computer Support person speak your language?  We will explain things in simple terms and demystify the technology for you.

Our charge-out rate is $75.00/Hour (plus GST).

In some cases, such as a when a virus has infected your computer, trying to fix the damage is simply not worth the time and effort involved. It is often quicker and safer to simply reinstall Windows and set-up your Computer from scratch – in which case you will lose all your personal data files. That's when you need that backup!

We can also log in to your computer from our office to resolve issues without needing to visit you at all (learn more).

Our contact details can be found here.