Microsoft Access Runtime

To install any of our products you need Microsoft Access 2007 or the 32-bit version of any later version installed on your computer.

You can download the free Microsoft Access Runtime by using one of the following methods.

If you have Office 365 or no Office applications at all

  • Add the Access Runtime by clicking the following link to download the free Office 365 Access Runtime.
  • Choose your language and then click the 32-Bit Download button.
  • Run the downloaded file to install the Office 365 Access Runtime.

If you have Office 2016 (or earlier) 

  • Click the following link to download the free Access 2016 Runtime.
  • Choose your language and click the Download button.
  • Because Access 2016 has both 64-bit and 32-bit versions, you will then be asked to select the download file you want.
    You must select the 32-bit file (this is the one with x86 in the filename; the 64-bit version has x64 instead).
    Note that you won't be able to install the 32-bit Version of the Access Runtime if you already have the 64-bit Version of any other Office products installed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). In which case, you must uninstall the 64-bit Office software and install the 32-bit version instead.
  • Run the downloaded file to install the Access 2016 Runtime.

If you can't get either of these methods to work for you, please contact us for assistance. We can connect remotely to your computer to help get the application installed.