Alpaca Manager Training – Diary and Medication Events

To help users get more out of Alpaca Manager, we are planning to run Zoom Meetings as training sessions to show how to use the application. There will be a charge for these but we are still working on setting up our Zoom environment and deciding on: what to cover, how often we run them and how much to charge.

To get started, we are offering a free training session to cover Diary and Medication Events and how to use them. When helping users with problems, we often see that there is some confusion with these record types. Medication Events are used when you administer a dose of a medication to an animal. Diary Events are used for everything else and can optionally include a measurable unit (like the cost of castration, the animal's temperature or the faecal egg count).

Some users' Medication Event Names include what should be Diary Event Names such as 'Toe Nail Trimming', 'Shearing', etc. A Medication Event for 'Toe Nail Trimming' will require entering a dose amount which really has no meaning. You may also have Diary/Medication Event Names with different spellings. Often these arise because you have imported animal details from another Alpaca Manager user.

In addition, the Medication Unit Names often include many variations on a unit rather than just the unit name. For example, '10mls', '25mls', '10mls/10kg' instead of 'mls'. If a weight-based drench is recorded as 1 of '10mls/10kg' then you really don't have a record of exactly how much drench was administered unless you also record the animal's weight.

The training session will explain this in more detail and demonstrate how to use the advanced features of Alpaca Manager to align your database with the intended design.

The recent Version 8.5.1 update added a new feature whereby you can save Diary or Medication Events to a CSV file. This allows you to convert Medication Events (like 'Toe Nail Trimming') into Diary Events by saving the Medication Events to a CSV file and then importing them as Diary Events. This conversion was not previously possible and this feature has been added to assist users with data stored like this. The conversion process is technically complex and we will be offering a paid conversion option for those users who don't feel comfortable doing it themselves.

To register your interest in this free training session, complete your details below and click Send.

Everyone who registers will be sent the recorded video of the Zoom Meeting even if they don't attend.