On-line support is available using ZOHO Assist.

This product allows our technician to connect directly to your computer to resolve problems or show you how to perform specific tasks. The technician can also talk you through the support session by calling you on Messenger or Skype.

A standard charge of GBP 40.00 per support session is charged for this service.

To request a support session, email or phone to arrange a suitable time using the details on the Contact page. We will send you a Session ID for the session; enter this below when you are ready to connect.

You will be asked to confirm installation of a small program which allows ZOHO Assist to connect your computer to the technician's computer. When this program starts to run, you will be prompted to allow the connection and can disconnect at any time. The technician can take control of your keyboard and mouse to fix problems or demonstrate specific tasks. Alternatively, you can operate your computer and the technician will see what you are doing on their own screen.

You should close any programs that you don't want the technician to see before connecting. For example, close your email program or any open documents and spreadsheets containing sensitive information.